Bad News- Good News on Employee Health

Sep.21.2017 Business

First the bad news:

No matter how healthy your work force may be, employee health insurance premiums will probably never go down.  Although most of us are aware of the research indicating alarming increases in diet-related health maladies, we ought to also consider the associated costs to our businesses:

It’s estimated that three of four Americans will be overweight or obese by 2020.
Obesity-attributable absenteeism among American workers costs the nation an estimated $8.65 billion per year.
Obesity is associated with a significant increase in workdays absent, from 1.1 to 1.7 extra days missed annually compared with normal-weight employees.

But the very good news is that, by taking steps to support the health of our employees, business leaders can see real bottom-line, positive results.

As servant leaders entrusted to steward our employees and businesses, we need to strategically consider how to best influence our organizations toward progress in this vital area. Improved physical wellness delivers direct personal benefits for our people and their families and yields bottom-line benefits to our companies. We don’t need to wait until we represent outstanding fitness specimens. In fact, it is more motivational to join in with others, providing mutual support and encouragement, as a participant. While we might delegate the leadership responsibility for an ongoing employee wellness program to someone uniquely equipped and motivated to spearhead the effort, the initiative will fall short of its potential if we don’t provide support in the form of personal reinforcement and involvement.  Since recruiting the best employees and providing an environment that maximizes their productivity is a key management responsibility, a workplace wellness culture provides a unique opportunity to solidify a very attractive and highly productive workplace.

In his helpful book, The Culprit and the Cure, Dr. Steven Aldana provides compelling nutrition research and concludes that a healthy diet, along with near-daily exercise of 30+ minutes, makes a stunning difference in health, vitality, productivity, and longevity for most people.

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