How to Hire The Right Talent for A Leadership Position

Mar.22.2018 Business

Have you ever had to terminate the employment of a key staff member, one with significant leadership duties? Whether a new hire, or a long-term employee, assessing someone’s character before placing him in a trusted position is essential. From the Bible, Paul provides insight to Timothy about the kind of character necessary for leadership, in business and beyond:

DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Above reproach, no questionable behaviors, worthy of respect, a good reputation. This takes time and research but is fundamental; conduct background and criminal checks, call references, and provide drug testing. Take your time and collect the necessary data.

PERSONAL INTEGRITY – Thoughtful and reflective, responsible, not angry or prone to quarrel, exhibits self-control. This person has his/her financial house in order; conduct a credit check and request a credit score. Do they under commit and over deliver or the opposite? No other quality impacts leadership more than being dependable – following through on commitments. Those who don’t follow-through with what they promised are untrustworthy.

RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION – Design your interview questions and assessments to test a candidate’s alignment with your core values. Rate the candidate in terms of their perceived alignment with each core value. Your goal, after all, is to make sure your new hires fit in.  

GET TO KNOW THEM PERSONALLY – JC Penny would take his candidate and spouse out for a meal and observe the level of respect the couple shared with each other. Ask about the family and children. If a man or woman has a troubled home life, there is a reason that deserves your careful scrutiny. What are their hobbies, likes and dislikes? How do they spend down time? What do they read? What movies? You will be amazed what people reveal, if you take the time to listen.  

HIRE A PRO – Able to teach. Have they been faithful in the small assignments? Depending on the positional leadership level in the company, a rookie will take a lot of your time. Do you have the time to hold their hand while they learn and grow? Will they lead a major employee group or division/ Will they be in a remote location making supervision difficult? Be very careful who you give power to. How have they handled being “in charge” before? Talk with several of their former employees to really find out about their strengths, weaknesses and character.

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