The C12 Member Portal

In addition to the peer forum, integrated business curriculum and one-on-one coaching, C12 Group members have access to several on-line resources, including:

  • A full listing of C12 members nationwide. Search the national member roster to find other C12 members in your industry. Many C12 members have received valuable insights from tapping the knowledge of like-minded, non-competing business leaders from other C12 Groups.
  • Several years of business and ministry segments. Have questions about a specific issue? Struggling with implementing a particular concept? Log in and search by topic to reference helpful C12 segments in PDF format. Produced by C12, these resources are written by Christian CEOs for Christian CEOs, bring the truths of The Word to bear on contemporary business issues.
  • The "Ask C12" Forum. Got a question or topic you want to pose to the larger C12 community? Float it in the "Ask C12" forum, an on-line community for C12 members to share questions and feedback with others across the C12 network.
  • Core Business Presentation. The C12 Core Business Presentation is a member's opportunity to provide a detailed overview of his/her business for evaluation by the rest of his/her local chapter. The presentation form is generated dynamically through the C12 Member Portal.

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