The C12 Difference

C12 Membership Delivers Superlative 

Business & Ministry Results in ALL Economic Climates


In 2006, The Business Roundtable studied the performance of 350 mid-sized American leadership companies from 1995-2005. In comparison, long-term C12 Group members, with annual sales ranging from $2-800 mil, outperformed this group by growing their topline revenue and bottom-line profits more than three times faster.

Between 1995-2005, the median C12 company grew from $3 to $12 million and from roughly breakeven to nearly 10% pretax profit - while enjoying superior annual productivity gains versus the overall market. 
A December 2013 study of C12 members revealed that during the weak economy of 2008-2013, they sharply outperformed their markets with 79% outpacing their peers and just 1% underperforming the competition.

C12's uncommon focus on life-long learning and the fundamentals of planning, execution, organizational development, stewardship, and finishing strong - no matter the God-given circumstances - enables members to be resilient during difficult periods.  In fact, 7% of C12 members attribute their company's survival to C12's impact.


Beyond producing stronger top and bottom-line performance, C12 member companies are increasingly fruitful in sharing Christ's love in tangible ways with their stakeholders through salvations, discipling, and service to their communities. The typical C12 member company reaches a far larger "flock" than most churches and, given how few Americans regularly attend a Christ-centered church, C12 companies are able to have great ministry impact along the way. C12 Members also report improvements to their marriages, families, and work relationships as a result of C12's proven life-long learning process, rooted in God's unchanging truth.